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Underwater Meditation

snorkelmeditation2As you breathe underwater and experience Ujjayi echoing through your mind and body, meditate on your ability to form healthy relationships, your creativity and your emotional health.


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In Stillness And In Breath

dark_skyIn this post, I’m sharing my personal struggle and the things that helped heal me in some way. This is my journey, my experience. I’m not a mental health professional. Please do not confuse my post as advice on how to deal with  and/or overcome sadness and/or depression.

Mindful Meditation Workshop

Meditation-Pic-1Cautious Reflection Workshop 

Deeply thinking about these questions can make some Mines students really uncomfortable and leave them feeling disheartened, given that they meditated …


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Why you should meditate

meditation-titleWhy you ought to meditate 

Just by sitting everyday for 15 to 20 minutes to meditate can produce a huge modification in the way your mind functions and the means you look at …


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Nada yoga: Learning the music within you

yogaNada yoga: Learning the music within you 

Inner sounds are found out to be acknowledged by the usage of  sounds, which are made use of to alleviate the mind into its meditative state.


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Chronic pain alleviated by yoga, meditation

michele-deakinPersistent pain minimized by yoga 

Unlike other activities, when people are doing yoga or meditating, they view their responses and thoughts, she stated. “When you run or bike, when you …



Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti On The Secret To Making Difficult Moments Mean Something (VIDEO) 

He had actually spent years researching spirituality and meditating, however it was at this unlikely restaurant throughout an otherwise typical time that he really felt …


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ad_126872440Julia Roberts: I’m meditating to get over my sister’s death 

Hollywood star Julia Roberts has actually broken her silence over the fatality of her half-sister Nancy Motes and informed exactly how reflection is helping her cope.


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Jared Berger: Pause to value all life needs to offer 

Even if it is just a few minutes a day, by meditating upon love we can pertain to like one another a growing number of â ” making this world a much better restaurant for …


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Malmesbury statue takes seat in town

17ch06monkWith the 12th century former Benedictine abbey standing proudly over the town, the recently obtained meditating monk statuary outside the former Cross …


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