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Daily Meditation: Memorial Day

Memorial DayToday’s meditation features a Memorial Day poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye. On Memorial Day we honor those who have fallen in war — and though they have passed from this life, their spirits and memories live on.

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shutterstock_187418768meditationWEB-ONLY-e1400180347612I first learned about the laughter meditation when my son was 5 years old. Like all children, he loved to laugh, play, dance, sing, have fun. He was a natural — and highlighted how much I had lost touch with those qualities in myself.

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Underwater Meditation

snorkelmeditation2As you breathe underwater and experience Ujjayi echoing through your mind and body, meditate on your ability to form healthy relationships, your creativity and your emotional health.


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In Stillness And In Breath

dark_skyIn this post, I’m sharing my personal struggle and the things that helped heal me in some way. This is my journey, my experience. I’m not a mental health professional. Please do not confuse my post as advice on how to deal with  and/or overcome sadness and/or depression.